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Ysgol Rhos Helyg visit

Yesterday I met with pupils of Ysgol Rhos Helyg before their visit next week to the Houses of Parliament.

The children from the school in Halkyn will be visiting Parliament next week and will experience the newly created Education Centre – which was opened by Professor Brian Cox following the 2015 General Election.

The Centre, which is situated at the North End of Victoria Tower Gardens, is a world-class education facility that inspires and connects young people with Parliament and democracy. It is a dynamic, stimulating environment, distinct from the school environment. It makes use of creative and immersive technology to create a unique learning experience.

I am passionate about making Parliament open to all who want to visit and to help inspire the next generation about the importance of our democracy. He works with schools all over Delyn on arranging visits to Parliament and urges any schools interested in visiting to contact me. Parliament also has funds available to help cover some of the expenses met by schools when visiting.

Enthusing the next generation about our democracy is an important role of any Member of Parliament. I have always been determined to demonstrate that politics is for everyone and you must take part to ensure that your voice is heard. Being able to meet with pupils at Ysgol Rhos Helyg and hear what they think of politics was a delight.

I was able to answer the children’s questions on the role of Parliament and what an MP does. I hope that what they take away from their forthcoming visit, apart from what an amazing building the Palace of Westminster is, is how parliament is theirs. Without their support and involvement it will become a relic. We need a louder voice from our young people so that they feel part of our political institutions.

We were able to hold our own Commons debate in the classroom on the pros and cons of school uniform. Allowing the pupils to hold their own debate, I think, shows how Parliament is about the ability to win the argument and how anyone can be an MP if they want to be.