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Today I helped to create a new Private Members Bill in Parliament to ensure that women who have been financially hurt by the State Pension Age changes can finally get justice.

I have long campaigned alongside WASPI – Women Against State Pension Inequality. This grassroots campaign has members up and down the country who are going to be unfairly hit by the changes in the state pension age.

In the mid-1990s the then Conservative Government introduced legislation to make bring the State Pension Age of women come into line with men. However, many women were not notified of the increase in their state pension age until very recently, leaving them with very little time to prepare for the change in the law. This has caused much stress and anxiety for people in planning their retirement.

As you may know, I am one of the founding members of the All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG) on WASPI. I worked with this group to create this new Bill. Today, Thursday 07 September 2017, the Bill was presented to Parliament and will be hopefully reach its next legislative stage in April 2018.

To Bill calls on the Government to review their decision to accelerate the increase in the state pension age for women.

This was an important step forward for the WASPI campaign and I was pleased that I could play a part in drafting the Bill. I have been working hard with the WASPI All Party Parliamentary Group to secure practical help for the thousands of women who have had their financial plans thrown into disarray by this Government’s poorly thought out plans. Seeing the Bill presented today demonstrates to the Government that we are not finished in our work and will continue to pressure them further.

Delyn is one of the areas that has been particularly hit by the State Pension Age changes for women because we have a slightly older population than the national average. All women born in the 1950s are directly impacted by this change, not to mention their family who are having to find ways to help with the financial pressure put upon them.

I remain committed to pressing on this issue. It has been a long fought campaign but one that I feel we are making ground in.