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Wales Questions: No Deal’s impact on farming

As many of you will know, I voted last night to ensure that Parliament could reclaim sovereignty from a UK Government that is pushing the limits of our constitution. That vote passed and ensured that today we could vote upon a Bill to block a disastrous no deal Brexit.

One of the important industries for Delyn is farming. I have held many meetings with hill farmers in Delyn to discuss their fears about a no deal Brexit and what it will mean for their livelihoods. One of the most worrying impacts of no deal is the automatic application of 40% tariffs on sheep meat. These costs will be applied when our farmers are trying to export their world beating produce to the EU – which they can currently do tariff free. The EU is the biggest market for our lamb and no deal would lock us out of it.

That is why I asked the Secretary of State for Wales what action he will take to ensure that no tariffs are applied and no deal is averted.

Instead of giving an informed response about the costs of these tariffs on farmers the Secretary of State decided to ignore the point. Yet again Wales and Delyn is being let down by Alun Cairns MP who cares more about his job than our economy and is not speaking up for us in Government.

I will be voting for the Bill tonight to block no deal to ensure that we do not crash out. Industries, like farming and manufacturing, cannot cope on no deal grounds. It is reckless and breaks my manifesto commitment to you I made in the 2017 General Election.