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Virgin Trains – Improvements for Delyn

I have welcomed the news from Virgin Trains that they are continuing to investigate the possibility that Flint is included as a calling point for the 18:10 Euston-Holyhead service.

Recently, I wrote to Virgin Trains calling for:

• more action to be done to increase car parking facilities at Flint station;
• more services to call at Flint;
• greater emphasis on tourism and what Flintshire has to offer via rail companies; and
• improved services on trains.

Virgin Trains responded to these points in a letter noting how they will be meeting with Arriva Trains Wales to investigate the possibility of improving parking facilities as they recognise it is important for customers.

Their response also stated that they are seriously considering including Flint in the 18:10 Euston-Holyhead service and a final decision will be made come December 2018.

The train operator informed me that they are currently recruiting a new Commercial Partnership Manager for our region and would be happy to facilitate a meeting between me, the tourism board and themselves when they are in place.

Finally, Virgin Trains announced in their response that they will be upgrading the Wi-Fi on their Pendolino fleet and investigating the ability to do so on their Voyager trains.

Connectivity with London, North West England and the rest of our region is vitally important to attract investment into our communities. I wrote to Virgin Trains to ensure that they put customers at the heart of what they do and to invest in services to Delyn.

I am pleased to hear that they are seriously considering adding Flint to their Euston-Holyhead service and that they are in discussions to improve car parking facilities at stations run and operated by Arriva Wales. These would be of great benefit to people.

Going forward I want to see greater joined up thinking between large businesses, such as Virgin Trains, and local tourism groups. We have so much to offer in Delyn when it comes to tourism and it could prove to be a good source of employment. All we need is for Virgin Trains and our tourism groups to work together so that we can show off all we have to offer.

I will continue to press Virgin Trains to improve their services to Flint. We need a better rail network and these promises, if fulfilled, will go some way in providing them.