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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments

Urgent Question: Sacking of Defence Secretary

The Prime Minister lost another Minister this week when she sacked the Defence Secretary following an inquiry into a leak from the National Security Council.

This is the first time that a leak has ever happened from the National Security Council and is deeply worrying. This is a committee that shares evidence under the Official Secrets Act and deal with matters of national security. The leak, whoever committed it, undermines our national security and our standing in the eyes of our allies.

Now, we are not privy to the information that allowed the Prime Minister come to the conclusion that the Defence Secretary should be sacked. He himself has stated it wasn’t him and would welcome a police investigation.

I wanted the Deputy Prime Minister to tell us if at any point the level of evidence has been reached that means the police should be involved. He wanted to stress that the sections of the Official Secrets Act are quiet clear and the civil servant undertaking the investigation did not reach that conclusion.

However, this goes beyond the Official Secrets Act as there are also laws about misconduct in public office. This is far from over.