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Unemployment Figures: August 2017

I have received unemployment figures for the month ending August 2017 which show that unemployment rose to 800.

The number of claimants in Delyn constituency is 65 higher than August 2016 and 25 higher than July 2017.

There were 190 claimants aged 18-24 in August 2017.

Yet another set of unemployment figures have been delivered by this Government which show that unemployment has risen in Delyn. You will hear the UK Government making a great deal out of unemployment falling nationally, but that just demonstrates how they ignore waste swathes of the country.

Each one of these numbers represents someone who is now out of work. They have lost their income and the ability to get on with their lives. Anyone being left behind is unjust and needs to be rectified. We need investment into our economy now to ensure that businesses thrive and can provide the decent jobs we need.

Not only are we seeing unemployment rise, but we are seeing pay stagnate at best but all too often people are seeing their wages fall. Evidence shows that people are still earning in real terms less than what they were in 2009. The pound continues to fall in value making imports – like clothes and food – more expensive. Each time these underlying problems are pointed out to the Government we are greeted with a shrug and no action. This has gone on for too long. I am determined to press for more U-turns from the Government.