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Tribe Fitness in Flint

This week I met with the new co-founders and members at Tribe Fitness in Flint. This new venture seeks to do more than provide health and fitness services for members, it is also key to helping people make new friends and bringing the community closer together.

Tribe Fitness, located on Church Street in the heart of Flint, was co-founded by Karen Turton and Ethan Brunt to ensure that people in the town and surrounding areas had a welcoming environment no matter what their fitness level or experience.

Tribe Fitness is open 7am-11am and 4pm-9pm Monday to Friday and 9am-2pm on Saturday and Sunday. So, plenty of times that suit everyone.

It is always a pleasure to welcome new businesses to our high streets. But what makes Tribe Fitness extra special is what they are seeking to achieve. They are determined to bring people together to make new friends and discovered hidden talents.

The work Karen and Ethan have put into the fitness studio is really impressive. They have been able to turn the former Cresta store into a high-class gym that has a friendly and welcoming environment.

What struck me was the friendliness of Tribe Fitness. Both Karen and Ethan were knowledgeable about how to improve people’s health, but also their wellbeing. With so much to offer I know that this business will go from strength to strength.

Karen Turton, co-founder of Tribe Fitness said:

“We set up Tribe Fitness to be accessible to all as we are focussed on people’s overall wellbeing as well as their health. Tribe Fitness is designed to be at the heart of the high street and our community to bring people together, make new friends and find new passions in keeping fit.

“Our motto is ‘one Tribe, one vibe’ as joining Tribe Fitness means you are meeting like-minded people and making new friends for life. We have over 45 classes a week and are welcoming to all ages and genders in a loving community.

“We always say the hardest thing you will do is step through the door. Once you have done that first step you’ll soon find that our community is welcoming and supportive to all needs and levels of fitness. So, join us today to make new friends and get healthier.”