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On Tuesday, I asked the Minister of State for Justice, Dr. Philip Lee MP, if the Minster had a chance to see the damning report on G4S’s performance at Oakhill training centre. I wanted to know if he plans to allow G4S to flog off the centre to an American buyer.

Oakhill is a secure training centre for young offenders. G4S has been contracted to run the centre near Milton Keynes until 2029, so the sale will need to be approved by the Ministry of Justice. An inspection found the site’s overall effectiveness “required improvement”.

Inspectors from education assessor Ofsted also found while record numbers of young people were taking GCSEs, the mix of staff experience at the centre had left to “inconsistency and variability in practice across the centre”.

The Minister confirmed that he had read the report and that he was ‘aware of the difficulties’ at Oakhill. He said that he is keeping a close eye on the process. I welcome this pledge by the Minister, but questions need to be answered as to how we got in this circumstance in the first place.