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I have joined the Indo-British All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) in parliament to support their calls to end the trade of big cats for ‘traditional medicines’, ‘luxury home décor’ and ‘jewellery’.

Fewer than 4,000 wild tigers survive in the wild, and the species has already been hunted and traded to extinction across much of its natural range, particularly in South East Asia and China. Wild tigers are on the brink of extinction in China.

Other big cat species are poached for the same markets as tiger products – their body parts may be falsely sold to consumers as tiger or as cheaper alternatives. Asia’s leopards have disappeared from 85% of their historic range, and seizures from illegal trade shows a minimum of 5,203 Asian leopards have been killed for trade since 2000 – the true total is likely many times higher. Snow leopards, clouded leopards, lions and jaguars are also being killed for trade. Read more “Save the Tiger”

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This week I attended a Westminster Hall debate this week on Wildlife Crime to raise his concerns on the lack of action taken on livestock worrying as well as a number of other issues.

Currently, the law states that livestock worrying is an offence committed by anyone who owns or is in charge of a dog which worries livestock. The term worrying means:

• Attacking livestock;
• Chasing livestock in such a way as may be reasonably expected to cause injury or suffering; in the case of ewes. This includes abortion or loss or reduction in the number of offspring;
• Not having a dog on a lead or under close control when close by, or in a field or enclosure with livestock. Read more “Westminster Hall Debate: Wildlife Crime”