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Recently, the EU signed the biggest free trade deal in history between Japan and itself. For the last few remaining days we remain members of the EU we will benefit from it. However, if we crash out we lose access to the free trade agreement.

Earlier on in the questioning, my colleagues asked if the Trade Secretary expects us to have exactly the same benefits of this trade deal when we leave the EU, he answered no but stated that we would join the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership which he said was a much better deal.

I asked the Minister how long he thought it would take for us to try and join this trade group. The answer? Eight long years. This is eight years of lost economic growth, eight year of loss for potential new jobs and eight years of standing on the sidelines whilst other nations rush ahead of us.

By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments
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The Government announced two new prisons would be constructed in England. Both would involve private sector contracts.

Following on from my questioning of the minister in the Justice Committee about the lost £50m of taxpayers money on private contracts today I used an Urgent Question to quiz the minister on how he will stop this becoming another example of wasted money.

The minister is an extremely courteous man, but his warm words did nothing to allay my fears that the Ministry of Justice has not learnt valuable lessons from its past mistakes and it is likely to repeat them.