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With local government budgets being slashed by the UK Government, police forces struggling to get by on the flat cash grant handed to them and the cost of living continually rising the Government need to take action to ensure that public sector pay is increased.

I am deeply concerned that any public sector pay awards, which are desperately needed, will have to be paid through local taxation. People in Delyn have to work hard for their wages and the UK Government is placing the burden on their shoulders. What we should do is pool our resources and ensure a fair redistribution of taxation from the whole country. Meaning that it is not merely wealthy regions, such as the south east of England, that can cope with these pressures but the whole nation.

The minister failed to promise to finance public sector pay increases from central government funds.

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The cap on Public Sector Pay was introduced by this government and has ensured that those who work in our public services – such as police and prison officers, nurses, teachers and firefighters – have not seen a pay rise higher than 1% in years. When you take into account inflation is currently at 3% you can see that these hard working public servants have in reality faced a pay cut.

That’s why at Treasury Questions I called on the Chief Secretary to the Treasury to scrap the cap. She tried to muddy the waters saying no such cap exists. But ask any public sector worker and they will tell you with no doubt that it most certainly does.