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I have pressed the minister for Transport in Parliament this week to call for investment in accessibility at Flint railway station.

Currently, Network Rail are undertaking a review of train stations across the network to ensure that stations with poor levels of accessibility are improved. This is part of the UK Government Inclusive Transport Strategy announced 25 July 2018 which released up to £300m of funding to complete the programme.

I contacted Network Rail to support a bid in for funding to improve Flint station as currently the only way to get from the car park to the eastbound platform is to either cross one of two footbridges, neither of which have ramp access, or to walk under the railway line and up Corporation Street.

Nominations are now being considered and it is hoped that Flint will be one of the stations that will gain investment.

Flint is an important railway station for our community. We have seen a great deal of investment in the number of journeys that can be undertaken from it after years of campaigning from myself and local pressure groups. The last piece of the jigsaw puzzle is for the station to get much needed investment.

Our public transport system should be accessible to all and currently Flint station is falling far short of where I, and many passengers, would like to see it. The distance between the car park and the southside platform is too long without use of the footbridges and we need investment to improve this now.

I welcomed the minister’s response in the Commons and hope that we can keep up pressure and get the investment our station deserves.

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Not only has the UK Government given a contract to a ferry company that owns no boats and its terms and conditions were copied and pasted from a fast food takeaway, but it has become clear that the owner of this business owes money to HMRC.

I asked the Transport Secretary if he could confirm that the director of this company owes us, the taxpayer, £580,000 and what due diligence he took to ensure that we don’t give contracts for government business to companies who do not pay their taxes.

The Transport Secretary decided to keep quiet. This is appalling. The Government is being farcical and putting our economy at risk because they are not undertaking basic background checks.

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In a very busy chamber, I asked the Secretary of State for BEIS what action he will be taking to ensure that there are more charging points for electric vehicles in rural areas.

In Flintshire there are only two charging points for the whole county meaning that we cannot benefit from this technology. If we are going to cut our carbon emissions and embolden the next generation of car manufacture techniques we need to be supporting this technology not hindering it.

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My colleague Chris Matheson – MP for City of Chester – secured a Westminster Hall Debate on the new Runcorn Bridge and the impact of the tolls on communities that use it.

In recent days I have received a significant number of correspondence from constituents who have been fined for using the bridge despite paying the toll. I have heard that the signage on the approach to the bridge is poor and that it is unclear of how to pay the toll. To add insult to injury the old bridge, once renovations are complete, will also start to be tolled – despite never being previously. I used this debate to raise my concerns over this and my disappointment with the recent response I received from Merseyflow – the company responsible for managing the toll service.