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It is a honour to host Same But Different in Parliament for their exhibition to highlight the fact that 30% of children diagnosed with a rare disease will die before their 5th birthday. It is of the utmost importance that dedicated charities, such as Same But Different, are able to bring their message to the heart of our politics so that Ministers, MPs, Peers and distinguished visitors to the Houses of Parliament can be made aware that approximately 3.5 million people in the UK are affected by a rare disease at some point in their life.

The noble aim of Same But Different’s exhibit in Parliament is to highlight the journey families go on from diagnosis onwards when they are told their child has a rare disease.

Sadly, only 200 rare diseases have a treatment at present. It is hoped that this event will raise awareness through the photographic work of Ceridwen Hughes, who has worked in conjunction with artist Jamie Harris, to produce a truly unique exhibit that combines photography, video and sculpture.

The dedication Ceridwen has shown over the years that I have worked with her is truly astounding. She has utilised her talents for the betterment of others and that is something we should all be in admiration of.

By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments

I met with Ceri Hughes of Same But Different, a charity based in Delyn which raises awareness of disability and counteract prejudice through the use of the arts, and Gareth Hughes of National Lottery Wales.

Same But Different have been holding a series of exhibitions, one of which coincided with the new film highlighting facial disfigurement called ‘Wonder’. Same But Different held an exhibition at Cineworld, Broughton over Friday and Saturday (1-2 December) to raise further awareness.

Same but Different was established by photographer and marketing consultant Ceridwen Hughes (Ceridwen Hughes Photography). This project is personal to Ceridwen as her son, Isaac, has a rare syndrome called Moebius. From the moment Isaac was born she recognised that people made assumptions about him because of the way he looked and behaved. Having met many parents over the years who felt the same frustrations, she decided to use her skills to raise awareness of the people behind the conditions and counteract prejudice. Read more “Same But Different”