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With local government budgets being slashed by the UK Government, police forces struggling to get by on the flat cash grant handed to them and the cost of living continually rising the Government need to take action to ensure that public sector pay is increased.

I am deeply concerned that any public sector pay awards, which are desperately needed, will have to be paid through local taxation. People in Delyn have to work hard for their wages and the UK Government is placing the burden on their shoulders. What we should do is pool our resources and ensure a fair redistribution of taxation from the whole country. Meaning that it is not merely wealthy regions, such as the south east of England, that can cope with these pressures but the whole nation.

The minister failed to promise to finance public sector pay increases from central government funds.

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The Government have only given our police flat cash from central government funds with the additional funds coming from local council tax rates – meaning your council tax is going up to fund the shortfall the UK Government has installed.

But the question I wanted the minister to answer was where will the funding come from to support any pay rise that our police officers deserve. So far no promises have been made that this will come from central government meaning that it may have to come from more local council tax increases: all well and good for the wealthy south east of England but it will put untold burdens on Delyn households.

Disappointingly the minister failed to answer my question. He wrongly said that the funding provided was fair. Not only that but he tried to say that Labour voted against more funding. That is simply not true. I voted against the flat cash settlement the Government is now implementing. A flat cash settlement which will mean fewer police officers and stretched resources.

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As a former Police Minister I am warning that the gerrymandering of police pay means that North Wales Police could see a further pressure and increase in costs for council tax payers.

On Tuesday 10th September the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) announced their recommendations for the 2017/18 pay settlement.

The Policing Remuneration Review Body recommend a 2% consolidated pay rise to all pay points for federate and superintending ranks.

At PMQs this week the Prime Minister claimed that the government had accepted the independent body’s recommendations in full. This is untrue. Instead they offered a 1% payrise and a 1% one-off non-consolidated payment to officers at federated and superintending ranks. The additional 1% is non-pensionable. Read more “Fears over further cuts to police budgets or increase council tax”