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It was announced over the weekend that the UK Government has declared that Whirlpool must recall all their faulty tumble dryers after they were found to have been the cause of a number of fires.

The Government is working off estimates that there are 500,000 unmodified and faulty machines in the UK. That equates to roughly 700 units in Delyn. I wanted to know how the UK Government was going to contact everyone who owned one of these machines and how they would be kept safe.

The Minister stated that anyone with a faulty machine should unplug it now and stop using it. She went on to note that Whirlpool is responsible for the recall and that anyone who buys electrical items should register it with the manufacturer to ensure that it can be recalled in events such as this.

Although I welcome the decision to recall these dangerous appliances the UK Government seem to be placing a lot of onus on consumers when they have done nothing wrong. I hope that following this Urgent Question they will listen to what concerned MPs have said and take swift action.

You can check your model of tumble dryer here.