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The Prime Minister promised a summit, led by herself, on knife crime to find solutions to the epidemic that is sweeping the nation. Labour secured an Urgent Question on this subject as it has been some weeks since this announcement was made and we still have no more details.

I asked the Minister if she could elaborate on who would be attending the summit and if the details of its conclusions would be published.

I also wanted further details on the £100m of funding pledged in the Spring Statement for police overtime. For those who have seen my other videos from the Commons that was when the Chancellor of the Exchequer forgot about Wales completely in his statement. I wanted to know which police forces would get this money and how much they would get. Our police need a long-term funding settlement and a small increase in overtime funding will not cover it, but any money is welcomed at the moment.

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I am seeking urgent clarification on funding for Welsh Police Forces following the Spring Statement.

The Chancellor, who delivered the Spring Statement today (13 March 2019), stated that:

“I can announce that The Prime Minister and I have decided, exceptionally, to make available immediately to the police forces in England an additional £100m over the course of the next year, ring-fenced pay for additional overtime targeted specifically on knife crime.”

I asked the Chancellor if this funding only applied to England as the Home Office is responsible for police funding in England and Wales and the lack of investment is unfair and unprecedented. Read more “Spring Statement: Police Funding”

By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments
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I am delighted that Finn’s Law has progressed to the next legislative stage following its passing of Committee Stage on 16 January 2019.

The Service Animals (Protections) Bill, which is more commonly known as Finn’s Law, has been produced by a cross-party group of MPs following a callous attack on police dog Finn. This resulted in a growing number of people calling for a law to be put in place that increases sentencing and provides a stronger deterrent against future attacks on police animals.

Finn was extensively stabbed in the chest in course of his duty, in trying to apprehend a suspect and protect PC Dave Wardell, who suffered an injury too. Finn made a great recovery and returned to service. However, it was only possible to charge the accused with criminal damage – treating Finn as an object, or with animal cruelty which fails adequately to take account of his service duties. Read more “Finn’s Law passes Committee Stage”

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The Prime Minister has made it no clearer whether we will remain a member of EUROPOL following Brexit and now the Home Secretary has muddied the waters further.

Each time I ask if our police and security services will have continued access to EUROPOL, which enables them to share information on criminals with our European allies, I get no concrete response.

We must remember that there are two parts of the Brexit process before us: the Withdrawal Agreement and the political declaration. The two are inextricably linked, but only one is legally binding. The Withdrawal Agreement contains no international law agreement which will give the UK access to EUROPOL. The political declaration, which can be ignored, talks of ‘wishes’ ‘hopes’ and ‘aspirations’ of continued partnership.

This is not good enough. When pressed again the Home Secretary couldn’t give me any assurances. This is playing with fire when it comes to our national security.