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Over the past few days at Conference I have been able to meet with a great number of businesses, charities and organisations. Just one of them was the Polcie Federation who I have been working closely with to ensure our police get the support and resources they need.

As you know, I have been camapaigning against the police officer cuts that have been imposed over the last seven years – 138 officers have been cut in North Wales alone.

At this meeting I was able to pledge my support for a Bill to protect those who protect us: which includes police officers, nurses, doctors and firefighters to name but a few. It is important that we have zero tolerance towards agression to those who are caring for our community and this Bill would be a great step towards securing that future.

By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments

Yesterday, I attended a presentation by the Police Federation on the impact of assaults on the police and all other emergency workers.

At the event case studies were given by police officers who have been attacked whilst fulfilling their duty and protecting our communities. The session also outlined what the Police Federation were proposing to assist in such cases and indeed what needs to be done to provide a safer working environment. Read more “Action needed to tackle assaults on emergency workers”