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It was announced this week that the Department of Transport is to cancel all the no deal contracts it had in place with ferry companies. This will cost the taxpayers £50million. This comes on top of the £33million that the Department had to settle with Eurotunnel as it did not undertake due process when drafting these, now cancelled, contracts.

I asked the Minister if she could assure us that these ferry companies wouldn’t get double bubble in the event of a no deal Brexit in October. This is because the UK Government is still adamant that this could be an outcome for Brexit – despite Parliament voting it down on multiple occasions.

The Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling MP, has cost the taxpayers £2.7billion whilst in Government. It is time for him to go and stop wasting our money.

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Tom Enders, outgoing Chief Executive of Airbus, told us that a no deal Brexit would be catastrophic for the company and as a result would put its future in Broughton at risk.

He joins a list of other organisations – like the British Medical Association (which is made up of our doctors) and businesses (like the joint letter from all major supermarkets) – who have stated that a no deal Brexit would put our country at risk. We must listen to these experts and act upon their advice.

I asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he had met the outgoing Chief Executive and if he would act upon his advice.

I cannot stand idly by and see our jobs and local economy put at risk.

By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments

I have joined over 200 MPs from across the House of Commons, including leave and remain supporting Members, in writing to the Prime Minister to call on her to rule out a no deal (sometimes called World Trade Organisation [WTO]) Brexit.

In the letter to the Prime Minister, the cross-party group of MPs states that:

Leaving the EU without a deal would cause unnecessary economic damage. Trading on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms would instantly make our manufacturers less competitive and make it very difficult for the industry to justify producing goods in the UK for export. Leaving without a deal would make continued investment in UK manufacturing a real challenge for global firms, when they have plants in other European locations. Without continued investment and confidence in the UK manufacturing sector, thousands of jobs across the country will be put at immediate risk. Read more “No Deal Brexit”

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An Urgent Question was secured today by the Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee to ask what plans were in place for EU nationals in the case of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit – where we crash out of the EU without any transitional arrangements.

I wanted to know if the UK Government will be using the same criteria they use for non-EU nationals for EU nationals going forward. This would mean that people’s income would be used to block them entry to the UK.

If, for example, a UK national married an EU national their partner would not be able to live in the UK, no matter if they had children or not, if they did not earn enough per year. All the minister needed to do was to reassure people that they will not see their families broken up. Instead she chose to muddy the waters and say plans will be set out in the future.

Let me remind you that we leave the EU on 29 March 2019. The minister has a little under five months left.