This week Chris Ruane – MP for Vale of Clwyd – and I met with the Wales Office Minister, Kevin Foster MP, to discuss our concerns over the UK Government’s policies and how they are impacting North Wales.

We were able to discuss the North Wales Growth Deal, which is proving extremely slow to be implemented, the Mersey-Dee Alliance and how we can increase tourism and connectivity to our towns and villages.

It is important that we can hold these meetings to ensure that Ministers are held to account and that we can raise local concerns on a national level.

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The North Wales Growth Deal is gaining momentum and when it arrives it will deliver more powers locally and vital investment. It cannot come soon enough.

But a growth deal in isolation will be limited. That is why it needs to be comprehensive and linked to the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ initiative. I was disappointed that the minister responsible could not give any direct assurances that this is being done. I will be questioning the UK Government further to ensure that it is.