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I joined the Guide Dogs charity to hear about this year’s campaign and to pledge his support for their Safer Streets campaign.

This campaign is designed to raise awareness that our streets are shared spaces and that we need to ensure that they are accessible to all.

When cars are parked on pavements, people with a vision impairment may have to risk their lives by walking into the road just to get by them. This is an issue that also impacts parents with prams, wheelchair users, older people and many others. Read more “Supporting Guide Dogs charity at Labour conference”

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on Parliament being illegally shut down by the Prime Minister I have had to bring my visit to Labour Party conference 2019 to an end. But I was able to meet with a number of really important charities and pressure groups to pledge my support. Here are just some of my photos from Conference 2019.

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Shrewsbury 24

It was great to meet up with Terry Renshaw at Conference to reaffirm my support for the Shrewsbury 24 fight. People, like Terry, have been fighting for over 40 years for those unjustly prosecuted following the first ever national building worker strike in 1972. 
They picketed building sites in Shrewsbury and were prosecuted in 1973. They became known as the Shrewsbury 24. Some of those 24 live in Flintshire. Read more “Shrewsbury 24”