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The trading and sale of illegal wildlife products, such as ivory and endangered species for medicines, is a dreadful act. It often helps finance other crimes and terrorist groups and contributes towards the extinction of species. Only this week the last male white rhino died.

I wanted assurances from the minister that the Government will be working with all departments – the Home Office in particular – so that when people are found with illegal wildlife products they can face the full force of the law. Especially when it comes to financial penalties.

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I have called on the Government to implement a total ban on ivory products in the UK. This follows the recent announcement by the UK Government to undertake a consultation on ivory products.

The Government state that the consultation has been set in place so that they can seek views on their proposal to introduce a total ban on UK sales of ivory that could contribute either directly or indirectly to the continued poaching of elephants. They are asking for evidence on the effect the proposed ban will have. This includes its effect on elephant conservation, the natural environment and businesses, as well as its economic and cultural effect. Read more “DEFRA Questions: Ivory Ban”