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Recently, the EU signed the biggest free trade deal in history between Japan and itself. For the last few remaining days we remain members of the EU we will benefit from it. However, if we crash out we lose access to the free trade agreement.

Earlier on in the questioning, my colleagues asked if the Trade Secretary expects us to have exactly the same benefits of this trade deal when we leave the EU, he answered no but stated that we would join the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership which he said was a much better deal.

I asked the Minister how long he thought it would take for us to try and join this trade group. The answer? Eight long years. This is eight years of lost economic growth, eight year of loss for potential new jobs and eight years of standing on the sidelines whilst other nations rush ahead of us.

By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments
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Last week, President Donald Trump unilaterally imposed tariffs on all steel and aluminium products imported into the United States. Only one country has so far been exempt – Australia – meaning that the UK will now face a tariff on all our steel and aluminium products that we want to export to America.

I asked the Secretary of State for Trade – who places much value on the UK’s ability to strike a trade deal with the United States – if he was informed by the his counterparts in the US that these tariffs would be imposed.

Tariffs are bad for businesses, which means they are bad for jobs. We need to ensure that protectionism of this sort doesn’t spread. If this triggers a trade war we will all be worse off.