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It has emerged that the Department for International Development has been using UK funds to support private education facilities around the world. I believe that education should be free for all and not just the preserve of those with the means to access it. This begs the question why is the UK government using funds to support such institutions.

The minister stood by the Government’s decision. I find this extremely disappointing and will be working with my colleagues to ensure that this is brought to an end.

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Just before Prime Minister’s Questions this week, I had the chance to call on the Government to make clear its plans to help protect the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

Rohingyas arriving in an area known as Cox’s Bazaar – a district in Bangladesh – say they fled after troops, backed by local Buddhist mobs, responded by burning their villages and attacking and killing civilians.

I want to see the UK maintain its position as a world leader in humanitarian crises and the protection of the Rohingyas is a true test of the Government’s dedication to this cause.