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Last week I supported Equal Pay Day 2016. This was to raise awareness of how far we have travelled in bringing an end to the gender pay gap, but also highlighting how the momentum to eradicating this pay gap has evaporated.

The Equal Pay Act was introduced 46 years ago and yet from Thursday last week the UK’s female workforce will effectively be working for free until 31 December, due to the scale of the gender pay gap. The gender pay gap for women working full-time is 13.9%.

The pay gap has been closing but progress is slow. At the current rate of progress (2012-15) it will take over 60 years to close the gap for full-time workers. There’s no one cause of the gap, but important factors include discrimination, undervaluing roles predominately done by women, dominance of men in the best paid positions and unequal caring responsibilities. Read more “Equal Pay Day 2016”

By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments

Finance Bill

Last night, I, along with his parliamentary colleagues were able to get an important concession from the Government in the Finance Bill on making multinational corporations report where their revenue is raised. This is known as “public country-by-country reporting” because it makes multinationals who operate across several countries report what revenue they have raised around the world.

I was a co-signatory to an amendment written by Labour MP Caroline Flint. The voting for the Bill didn’t finish until nearly midnight, but the wait was worth it to ensure this amendment was passed. The Government finally accepted this common sense amendment which means it will now be included in the Bill. Read more “Finance Bill”