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It was announced this week that the Director of Public Prosecutions introduced a new form that will request consent forms to be completed by victims of crime – including those who are alleging rape – to allow the police to access information including emails, messages and photographs. If people fail to give consent it is said that the prosecution may risk not going ahead.

Victim Support said the move could stop victims coming forward and I share their serious concerns that people who have faced an ordeal beyond imagination are having further pressure placed on them.

That is why I asked the Minister of State what is being done to ensure that victims are put first. We cannot get ourselves to the situation where people do not feel able to come forward an report a crime. This not only ensures that people live in emotional and physical pain without support, but the alleged perpetrators of these crimes may get away with it.

More can and should be done for victims.

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7p crime tax

I have pledged to continue his campaign to help retailers and shopworkers in their daily struggle against retail crime and violence following figures from the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) showing the cost of retail crime to Delyn.

ACS figures show that local shops in Delyn are estimated to have lost £160,211 to shop thieves last year.

But this is about more than lost revenue; shop theft is the number one trigger for violence against shopworkers. ACS estimate that there were almost 10,000 incidents of violence against people working in local shops, 41% of these resulted in the injury of staff. 83% of staff in convenience stores also reported they have experienced verbal abuse at work.

The estimated cost to the convenience sector was £246million last year, equivalent to a 7p crime tax on every transaction. Read more “7p crime tax”

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The Prime Minister promised a summit, led by herself, on knife crime to find solutions to the epidemic that is sweeping the nation. Labour secured an Urgent Question on this subject as it has been some weeks since this announcement was made and we still have no more details.

I asked the Minister if she could elaborate on who would be attending the summit and if the details of its conclusions would be published.

I also wanted further details on the £100m of funding pledged in the Spring Statement for police overtime. For those who have seen my other videos from the Commons that was when the Chancellor of the Exchequer forgot about Wales completely in his statement. I wanted to know which police forces would get this money and how much they would get. Our police need a long-term funding settlement and a small increase in overtime funding will not cover it, but any money is welcomed at the moment.

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In October 2017 a consultation was launched into air weapons. It closed in February 2018. We are now a full year on and still haven’t had the Government’s response to the evidence gathered.

As I noted to the Leader of the House of Commons, I have constituents who sadly lost loved ones because of the misuse of air weapons and they need answers to what the UK Government will do next.

I have written to the Leader of the House asking for more information as soon as possible and for the Home Office to provide its response.