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The Home Secretary came to the House on Monday to explain what action he had been taking when people we found to be trying to enter the UK through small boats in the English Channel.

I wanted the Home Secretary to tell us how leaving important security measures, such as SIS 2 – a monitoring service we are a member of by being in the EU – will benefit us. It was no surprise that the Home Secretary completely ignored this point and decided to give information on arrests at home.

Modern Slavery is growing around the world and if we do not work with our friends and allies we will be unable to free people from traffickers and the horrors of a life in slavery. The Government must rethink their plans if they don’t they will put people at risk.

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The Labour Party proposed a sensible immigration measure called the Electronic Travel Authorisation scheme. This would have checked people coming in and leaving the UK. I was proud to be part of the frontbench team that suggested this sensible reform – as we didn’t know who was entering and more importantly leaving the UK.

Seven years later the Conservative Party has finally announced that it will be copying and implementing our idea. This is to be welcomed and I wanted to know from the minister how much this new scheme would cost the UK Government. I was concerned that the Home Secretary didn’t know this.