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Ahead of the former Bishop of Liverpool has publishing his report into the experiences of Hillsborough families, to be published on Wednesday 01 November 2017, I have called on the Government to support the ‘Hillsborough Law’ (The Public Authorities (Accountability) Bill 2017). This is to ensure that families are no longer victims of cover-ups.

The Bill codifies duties on public authorities and officials, private entities that are public-facing such as owners of sports stadia, shopping centres or social housing, to act in the public interest and with candour.

If enacted, the law would require that officials would have to come clean about wrongdoings and failures and cooperate proactively with investigations, inquiries and inquests. The draft law provides victims and their families with a legal ‘toolbox’ to enforce such transparency, and new criminal offences would apply to senior managers who have wilfully failed to comply or covered up institutional and individual failures. The law requires institutions to have ethical policies and it would empower ordinary officials to require their organisations and managers to be transparent. The second part of the Bill provides for parity of provision for victims with the public authorities involved in the inquests and inquiries. Read more “Supporting ‘Hillsborough Law’”