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I am supporting Bowel Cancer UK’s campaign #thisisbowelcancer, to shine a light on the varied and many people affected by bowel cancer as part of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month this April.

Every 15 minutes in the UK somebody is diagnosed with bowel cancer. Young, old, female or male – it affects us all. Around 268,000 people living in the UK today have been diagnosed with bowel cancer. But it doesn’t just impact the person diagnosed. It affects families, friends and colleagues, doctors and nurses, scientists and researchers. That’s millions of people right across the UK.

Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK, with almost 42,000 people diagnosed annually. More than 16,000 people die each year of the disease making it the UK’s second biggest cancer killer, but it shouldn’t be as bowel cancer is treatable and curable, especially if diagnosed early.

I am working with Bowel Cancer UK to improve early diagnosis and access to best treatment and care both in Delyn and nationally. By bringing people together Bowel Cancer UK will create a future where nobody dies of the disease. Read more “Bowel Cancer UK Awareness Month”

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I am supporting Breast Cancer Now’s ‘Wear it Pink’ campaign for 2018. This year’s campaign takes place on 10 October 2018 and brings with it the chance for people to raise money to battle against breast cancer in the hope of finding new medicines.

In Delyn there are 705 new cases of breast cancer each year, an equivalent of 181.7 per 100,000 women. This compares to a national average across Wales of 177.5 women per 100,000.

Sadly, each year an average of 143 women pass away from breast cancer who are cared for by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board in North Wales. This represents 40.7 per 100,000 women compared to a national average of 37.4 per 100,000. Read more “Wear it Pink 2018”

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I am supporting ‘The Daily Mile’ campaign being run in partnership between ITV and INEOS.

The Daily Mile is a simple and free initiative that gives children the opportunity to get out of the classroom for fifteen minutes every day to run or jog with their classmates. Academic research that has been undertaken has revealed significant results, with children becoming fitter, healthier and more able to concentrate in the classroom. ‘The Daily Mile’ was first introduced by a headteacher at St Ninians Primary School in Scotland.

A dedicated call centre for teachers and parents has been set up to provide information about the initiative and how they might get involved. Teachers and parents can also find out further details on The Daily Mile website where they can sign up to join the initiative

‘The Daily Mile’ is encouraging all schools to sign up to this scheme. It already has the formal backing of the Welsh Government.

Physical health is important and I know that schools in Flintshire are working hard to ensure that all children grow up happy and healthy. ‘The Daily Mile’ is an excellent initiative which allows children get to out and active.

I hope that headteachers in Delyn will adopt this scheme and get in contact with ‘The Daily Mile’ to show their support. The Welsh Government have led the way in giving this scheme their backing. I want to work with my colleagues in Westminster to ensure that every child in the UK has access to this scheme and that teachers have the support they need to implement it.

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I joined with Pancreatic Cancer UK for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, which takes place throughout November, to ensure that people in Delyn know of the facts of pancreatic cancer.

At the event in Parliament, I was informed that, sadly, 102 people in North Wales died of pancreatic cancer in 2015 alone and 142 were diagnosed. Shockingly, a ComRes poll carried out by Pancreatic Cancer UK in 2017 found that 35% of adults in the UK would not be worried if they had a few of the potential symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Unless action is taken now, pancreatic cancer will become the 4th biggest cancer killer by 2026. Read more “Supporting Pancreatic Cancer UK”