Today, (21 June 2019) I joined the Guide Dogs charity to experience first hand what it is like to navigate our streets with a guide dog when you have sight loss.

The afternoon was organised by the Guide Dogs charity and allowed me to walk around Flint with guide dog Mason who ensured that I was kept safe whilst walking with his vision impaired.

Along the walk I was able to talk to the charity about the issues they are campaigning on. Two of the big campaigns at the moment are tackling the over-use of street furniture and ensuring that people know it is illegal to refuse access to a premises or mode of transport if they have a guide dog. Read more “Guide Dogs in Flint”

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I attended an event in Parliament this week run by the charity Guide Dogs to raise awareness of discrimination against guide dog owners. I heard from guide dog owners about the impact of being turned away by businesses because of their dog. They also collected a Christmas card with messages highlighting Guide Dogs’ Access All Areas campaign.

It is against the law to refuse access to a disabled person accompanied by an assistance dog except in the most exceptional circumstances. However, a Guide Dogs survey found that three quarters of assistance dog owners reported that they had been refused entry by businesses. Read more “Supporting Guide Dogs charity in Parliament”

I have met with the Guide Dogs charity to discuss the impact of pavement parking / clutter on our streets and its impact for people with sight loss or other disabilities.

Pavement parking is a growing problem as more and more homes are built without off road parking meaning that car owners are parking on pavements. This is combined with streets which are becoming more cluttered with wheelie bins, road signs, traffic cones, and bicycles to name but a few. Read more “Supporting Guide Dogs campaign to end pavement parking”

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This week I met up with the Guide Dogs charity. As many of you will know, I have long worked with and supported this important charity. They have been raising the profile of those who use assistance dogs and have ensured that MPs are equipped with all the information they need to hold the Government to account.

Recently, they have helped MPs redraft the Bus Services Act and I have been working with them on making sure that pavement parking is brought to an end. Obstacles on the pavements may be an inconvieniance to those without visual impairments, but for those with sight loss the blocking of pavements places them in danger: making people walk on the roads.

It is about time that Councils were given powers to fine those who park on pavements and the Government could be introducing a Bill to do so. I will continue to work with this vital charity as it helps a great number of people in Delyn.