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The news broke over the weekend that the confidential emails between the UK Ambassador to the USA had been leaked. This is a terrible breach of trust and undermines the ability of our diplomats to speak truth to power in the UK Government. We do not need civil servants who simply nod in agreement with whatever Prime Minister is in office, or is about to take office. What we need is people of integrity and passion for duty to our country.

A leak investigation is now underway and the UK Government has stated that it has full confidence in our Ambassador in the US. I fully support this announcement. But questions need to be answered as to who leaked these secret documents and if they were in breach of any law.

Finally, I wanted the Minister to confirm on the floor of the Commons that it is the United Kingdom who decides is our Ambassador not the United States President, a confirmation the Minister was eager to give Parliament.

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The Minister for the Foreign Office delivered a statement to the Commons to mark Commonwealth Day.

I wanted to seek more assurances on the work that can be done to tackle Modern Slavery. The exploitation of another human being is disgusting and I am proud of the work we do at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in sharing information between parliaments to bring this to an end.

I also wanted to know what action the UK Government is taking to promote Fairtrade as it is the best way to help people lift themselves out of poverty and earn a decent day’s pay for a decent day’s work.

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Climate change is the biggest threat facing our planet. We know that humans have created this catastrophic change in our global temperatures and we know that we can find solutions.

During FCO Questions, I asked the minister if he would press upon the United States the importance of tackling CO2 emissions so that we can halt the damage done to our natural environment.

I was pleased that the minister is taking this issue seriously. We now need to see diplomatic action so that we can leave future generations with a planet that is healthier than it is today.