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I am once again calling on constituents in Delyn to enter 2018’s ‘Film the House’ competition.

‘Film the House’ is a competition run by MPs to find the filmmakers of the future. It also raises awareness of the importance of protecting intellectual property rights among creators, legislators and the general public.

This is a parliamentary-based film and scriptwriting competition for student and independent filmmakers based in the UK.

Entries are submitted to your local MP who will do the first round of judging so the competition gives Parliamentarians an opportunity to engage with a grass-roots creative demographic and provides the creative community with a vehicle through which to communicate their issues to legislators.

In short, ‘Film the House’ provides a means for the UK creative industries to communicate the importance of protecting their intellectual property rights in a fun manner which gives a foundation for Parliamentarians to push hard to protect creative output and for MPs’ constituents to interact with their local MP.

The competition is open to UK based student or independent filmmakers. Entrants will need to provide details of who their local MP is along with their submission and the local MP will choose one work from each category to put forward for judging. Read more “Film the House Competition 2018”

By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments

I am calling for local creators to enter Parliament’s prestigious Film the House competition.

Founded by the All Party Film Group, which I am a member of, the annual competition offers the opportunity to put local film-makers in direct contact with the movers and shakers of the film industry, and to have the best of UK talent take front and centre stage. Nominations will be initially judged by me, and he will recommend which films should be put forward for judging by the leading lights of the industry, with prizes that include top-notch equipment, advice from professionals in the film industry and the winners’ films being screened. The Film the House competition is a pioneering opportunity to showcase what Delyn and the UK has to offer, raising awareness about the important of Intellectual Property (IP) to our creative industries and country. Read more “Call for Film-makers to enter ‘Film the House’ Parliamentary competition”