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The announcement over the weekend that the UK Government will be spending £50 million to allow selective grammar schools expanded in England is a flawed idea and one that just deepens divides in society; doing nothing to ensure we have equal opportunity.

Proudly we have no selective schools in Wales, but it does raise the question of any funding that we will receive. Under the Barnett Formula, any monies spent in England must be replicated in budgets to the devolved administrations. That is why I pushed for Flintshire schools to get their fair share of investment following this move.

The minister was not able to give assurances showing how the UK Government is not concerned about the future of education in Delyn.

By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments

I am urging teachers in Delyn to apply for free training provided by the UK Parliament Education Service on the 2-4 July 2018.

As part of the UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador Programme the Education Service will be hosting a residential Teachers’ Institute. Teachers will experience Parliament first hand, and then return to their schools to support understanding of, and increase engagement with, Parliament.

Transport and accommodation costs are covered and applications are welcome from teachers, school leaders and teacher training providers working with young people aged 5-18.

The course includes:

• Q&A session with MPs and Peers
• Talks from subject specialists
• Workshops devoted to key aspects of the work of Parliament
• Opportunities to explore new and exciting teaching ideas
• Tour of the Palace of Westminster Read more “Free Parliamentary Teaching Training”

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It has emerged that the Department for International Development has been using UK funds to support private education facilities around the world. I believe that education should be free for all and not just the preserve of those with the means to access it. This begs the question why is the UK government using funds to support such institutions.

The minister stood by the Government’s decision. I find this extremely disappointing and will be working with my colleagues to ensure that this is brought to an end.

I have joined with UNISON in celebrating school support staff by visiting Ysgol St Mary’s, Flint.

Schools across the UK will be holding award ceremonies, special assemblies, competitions and lunches to recognise the wonderful, and often overlooked, work done by school support staff and I was invited by UNISON to Ysgol St Mary’s to celebrate the work of their teaching assistants.

Last year UNISON and schools organised celebrations for teaching assistants in hundreds of schools up and down the UK. This year they have extended the celebration to all school support staff – the unsung heroes of education – through a co-ordinated day of activity.

School support staff have a number of roles within our schools. They ensure that children can learn in a safe and healthy environment. There are many people who work together to make this happen: supervisors; crossing patrol officers; child protection officers; cleaners; janitors; catering staff; and parent support advisers. Read more “Stars in our Schools: Ysgol St. Mary’s, Flint”