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Recently, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that there are an additional 400,000 children are now in poverty after seven years of Conservative austerity. This is due in no small part to the rise in in-work poverty,

I raised with the minister my concerns about the lack of action this Government has taken to secure decent jobs for the country and how their policies on social mobility have failed. As we have seen the chair of the Commission on social mobility resigned along with a number of other members.

The minister failed to address my question instead stating that they are tackling unemployment. What the minister didn’t note was the rise in insecure work and zero hours contracts.

On Monday, I asked the Minister of State for Work and Pensions, Penny Mordaunt MP, about the growing threat of increasing disability employment gap.

The Government have previously pledged to halve the disability employment gap by 202. However, it has not been clear what the Government has been doing recently to investigate the impact of job cuts on the public sector. For example, a third of the redundancies at the Equality and Human Rights Commission involved people with disabilities.

The Minister stated that the Government “recognise that we need to do more”. She went onto say that part of that is identifying particular roles that individuals can take up.

I believe that the Government is good at making headline announcements but they have not backed that up by action. This has resulted in situations – such as the one I mention above – where disabled people are facing public sector cuts.