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The UK Government commenced a consultation of the use of restraint against a child in November 2017. The consultation closed in January 2018. We are now been waiting nearly a year and a half for a government response. I wanted to know when this response would be published.

The consultation was launched for noble reasons. It was to produce new guidance on reducing the need for restraint and restrictive intervention for children and young people with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder and mental health needs.

The consultation is sought views on how well this draft guidance helps a range of settings and services to support children recognised as being at higher risk of restraint. The guidance will apply to health and care settings and special educational settings.

The Minister’s response was deeply disappointing. Glibly saying ‘soon’ is not good enough. We have a duty to care for the most vulnerable in our society and this means action as well as words. A new guidance is needed and more can kicking from the UK Government helps no one.