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The UK Government has embarked on a process of reducing the support given to the solar power industry. This has seen a drastic decrease in the number of solar sites being established compared to years under the old subsidy scheme.

This should worry everyone who wants to see the UK leading the way in tackling climate change. If we do not reduce our dependency on high-carbon fuels and cut our CO2 emissions we will be leaving the planet in a worse state for the next generation.

Solar is a valuable industry and brings with it new highly skilled manufacturing jobs as well. For these two reasons alone the UK Government should rethink their current plans and support solar power.

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The minister delivered a statement today on the UK Government’s approach to tackling climate change and renewable energy.

This week is being called ‘Green Britain’ week by the UK Government, but it also the very same week they have allowed fracking to recommence in Lancashire.

Luckily for us, the Welsh Government has put a moratorium on fracking in Wales meaning we will not see its impact in our communities.

This all feeds into the recent reports that we have only 12 years left to stop global temperatures rising to levels that we can no longer control. Human carbon emissions are causing climate change and it is for humans to fix the problem.

That is why I pressed the minister as to why she is cutting the support for our solar industry when we need to be expanding it. The tariff cuts were announced several years ago and will be implemented shortly. I was disappointed that the minister couldn’t give a clear response instead stating that she will return to the House at a later point.

We cannot afford to lose any more years in the battle against climate change and the UK Government need to take action today, not tomorrow.

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The announcement by the UK Government to cancel the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon is a massive blow for South Wales. The independent Hendry Review concluded that this project was in the national interest and should go ahead. The collected evidence from experts and decided that this is the best way to secure our energy in the future. But the UK Government decided to ignore experts – something they have a habit of doing – and scrap the investment in South Wales.

But this has ramifications for us in North Wales as well. That’s why, on Thursday, Colwyn Bay tidal lagoon would see £7bn direct investment in North Wales and is estimated to support 20,000 jobs. Not only would this be an economic boon for our communities, but it would ensure we become a powerhouse of green technology in the UK and the rest of the world.

The minster talked of the Swansea Bay scheme not being value for money, comparing it with the nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point. But she needs to remember that low carbon renewable energy may be more expensive in the short-term but this is a never depleting resource and will ensure we are self-sufficient on energy for generations to come. As the world becomes a more volatile place I want to see more energy produced at home.