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This week’s Justice Committee focused on the enforcement of debt. At the beginning of the session we were able to cross-examine the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and they told us some valuable information about the number of complaints against bailiffs.

The Civil Enforcement Association represent bailiffs so I questioned them on why the number of complaints against their members has increased.

I am supporting the ‘Scam Awareness Month’ campaign ‘Don’t miss a trick’ run by Citizens Advice.

‘Scam Awareness Month’ takes place throughout June and is a yearly campaign to raise awareness of scams and fraud.

The National Audit Office estimated that £10 billion was lost to scams and fraud in 2016 and the Crime in England and Wales Survey found that they are one of the most frequent occurring crimes.

This year’s campaign, ‘Don’t miss a trick’, has come about after Citizens Advice found that almost three-quarters of people have been targeted by scammers in the last two years.

‘Scam Awareness Month’ is focussing on reducing the underreporting and stigma, which have been identified as two of the biggest issues in tackling scams and fraud. Read more “Supporting ‘Scam Awareness Month’”