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My colleague, Louise Haigh MP, secured a much needed debate in Parliament on the fall in life expectancy across the UK. I was able to use this debate to once again tell some hard truths to the Government minister in attendance.

Child poverty in some wards in Delyn is now reaching 50%. Child mortality is also rising across the UK. Action is needed now to stem the tide of growing poverty. If not this Government will have created a lost generation.

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I am deeply concerned by figures released today by End Child Poverty which show that nearly 25% of all children in Delyn are currently living in poverty after housing costs.

The figures are broken down by wards and show that the ward with the highest level of child poverty after housing costs is Holywell Central with a rate of 42.61%. This is followed by: Read more “Nearly 1 in 4 children in Delyn now live in poverty”

By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments

I recently received new data from the Children’s Society detailing statistics on children’s lives in Delyn.

The report states that there are 14,398 children living in Delyn. Of those children 3,417 children are living in poverty. Most concerning is that within that figure 2,346 children are living in a household where at least one adult is in work. This shows that for too many families a move into work is not a move out of poverty. Nationally, more than seven million children live in families facing a four-year freeze to their benefits and the cumulative changes to support will mean many families will lose out overall. Demonstrating that the introduction of a higher minimum wage, wrongly dubbed the ‘National Living Wage’ by the Government, has not helped in-work families. Read more “New plan to tackle child poverty desperately needed”