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This summer another hereditary peer by-election took place. The winner of these elections get a seat in Parliament for life and get to decide how your laws are made. Their only qualification for running needed? That they have a relative who was a blue blooded hereditary peer. This is a ridiculous part of the UKs parliament and needs to be removed. I have a Bill that the UK Government could adopt but they refuse.

I asked yet again when they will take action to remove the hereditary peers from the House of Lords and the minister stated that it is not government policy. This is nonsense on sticks!

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Next week a by-election takes place with only 31 electors eligible to vote. No, this isn’t for some corrupt body or dictatorship this is an election to our very own Houses of Parliament.

The House of Lords still has 92 hereditary peers who are only in the Lords because of their ancestors ability to cozy up to the elite at the time. I have a Bill to abolish them once and for all, but the UK Government keeps blocking it.

The minister says it was Labour that produced the current arrangements. That is only because the Tories blocked our original plans to abolish hereditary peers in the late 1990s. If they would have supported us we wouldn’t be in this ridiculous situation.

The minister proudly stated that they won the General Election and their manifesto set in stone that they will not reform the House of Lords. All the while they continue to want to shrink the democratically elected Commons in their favour.

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I’m not one for giving up and I am determined to keep pushing for the abolition of hereditary peers from the House of Lords. These are people, 91 men and only 1 woman, who owe their ability to make laws and question the Government for no reason other than accident of birth.

The Government want to shrink the size of the democratically elected House of Commons but want to do nothing with the bloated House of Lords. All they need to do is support my Bill or the Bill of my colleague Lord Grocott and we can see the end of this undemocratic quirk in our Parliament.

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On Wednesday, I asked the Cabinet Office Minister, Chris Skidmore MP, what reasons do the Government hold for blocking Lord Grocott’s House of Lords reform Bill to end the ludicrous situation of hereditary peers remaining in our parliament.

As you will be aware, I have been pushing for House of Lords reform for some time now. I have so far introduced a Ten Minute Rule Bill and next week I will be introducing a new Bill to remove hereditary peers for the House of Lords. Read more “Cabinet Office Questions: House of Lords Reform”