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In October 2017 a consultation was launched into air weapons. It closed in February 2018. We are now a full year on and still haven’t had the Government’s response to the evidence gathered.

As I noted to the Leader of the House of Commons, I have constituents who sadly lost loved ones because of the misuse of air weapons and they need answers to what the UK Government will do next.

I have written to the Leader of the House asking for more information as soon as possible and for the Home Office to provide its response.

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I have been working closely with Usdaw – the trade union that represents shopworkers – and the Co-Op to ensure that we strengthen the law against those who commit violence against shopworkers.

Shoplifting has increased, attacks on shopworkers has risen and the Government need to sort this out. I have applied on four separate occasions for a debate and I will keep doing so.

I asked the Leader of the House of Commons if she would give government time for this debate so we can do right for the hundreds of thousands of people who work in retail and keep them safe.

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The rise in retail crime over the past year is truly worrying. Our shopworkers are being put at risk and local shops are facing a the costs associated with it. Since last year, retail crime has increased from a total direct cost of £660 million to just over £700 million. This is money that is being lost due to criminals and stops employers from investing in our communities. 

I have been working with the Co-Op and Usdaw – the shopworkers trade union – to raise awareness of the need for a plan to tackle this shocking rise. I asked the Leader of the House if she will give time for a debate on retail crime so that I can hold the UK Government to account for their reckless cuts to policing and security measures in our towns and villages. 

No one should have to go to work in fear. I want the Government to combat this head on so we can fulfil our promise to retail staff that they have freedom from fear. 

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There are a number of major sporting events that are free to view but the Champions League is not one. Last week I raised my concerns with the Leader of the Commons.

I was pleased by the supportive words put forward by the Leader of the House and I hope that we can move away from great sporting events being only accessible to those who can afford extra subscription fees. It is wrong that great events, such as Liverpool’s Champion League final later this month, can only be watched if you fork over money to BT Sport or travel to Kiev.