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Following the Secretary of State for Health’s response to my question, I raised my serious concerns that the Minister wasn’t fully briefed on the Urgent Question and was giving inaccurate information in response to questions. I would not let the wasting of £33million of taxpayers money rest with no proper answer.

The Health Secretary decided to respond to my point of order and floundered at the Dispatch Box. The real Secretary of State for Transport should have been answering questions, not a minister with no involvement in this area.

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The Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling MP, has just had to settle a court dispute with the Channel Tunnel company as he did not fulfil his legal duties when signing the doomed contract with Seaborne Freight – the ferry company with no ferries.

Labour secured an urgent question to pull the Secretary of State before the House to answer why he has cost taxpayers £33million. What we got instead was the Secretary of State for Health. Yes, the minister responsible for the NHS in England was answering questions on a failing by the minister responsible for ferries. In other words, the Secretary of State for Transport was running away from his mistakes.

I asked the Minister if at any point the Secretary of State was informed that his decision could lead to a legal challenge from the Channel Tunnel company. No answer was forthcoming.

Wasting public funds in such a reckless way is shameful and the Secretary of State should do the right thing and resign.

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Labour MPs secured a St. David’s Day debate on the issues facing Wales and how we can harness the opportunities facing us and tackle the problems on the horizon.

I used my limited time in the debate to raise four points of concern. The way the UK Government has treated Wales in the past 9 years has been disgraceful. That is why I wanted answers on:

– A no deal Brexit;
– North Wales Growth Deal;
– Flintshire County Council funding; and
– Scrutiny of the UK Government in Parliament on Welsh affairs.

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Recently, the EU signed the biggest free trade deal in history between Japan and itself. For the last few remaining days we remain members of the EU we will benefit from it. However, if we crash out we lose access to the free trade agreement.

Earlier on in the questioning, my colleagues asked if the Trade Secretary expects us to have exactly the same benefits of this trade deal when we leave the EU, he answered no but stated that we would join the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership which he said was a much better deal.

I asked the Minister how long he thought it would take for us to try and join this trade group. The answer? Eight long years. This is eight years of lost economic growth, eight year of loss for potential new jobs and eight years of standing on the sidelines whilst other nations rush ahead of us.