I have joined with the Dogs Trust charity to call for a strengthening of legislation to bring an end to puppy smuggling.

The Dogs Trust has undertaken four years of continuous investigations into puppy smuggling and this year saw their team of researchers visit Hungary. Since the changes to the Pet Travel Scheme in 2012, puppies from Hungary have made up a significant proportion of the puppies quarantined in Great Britain after being seized at the border for not being compliant with the importation rules. Data from the Dogs Trust Puppy Pilot Scheme shows that since its launch in December 2015 to the end of July 2018, 30% of all puppies intercepted at the UK border originated in Hungary. The Puppy Pilot Scheme takes puppies that are seized and abandoned at the ports through their time in quarantine and onto Dogs Trust’s network of rehoming centres to be responsibly rehomed.

The Dogs Trust has recommended five action points that would help bring an end to puppy smuggling. They are: Read more “Ending Puppy Smuggling”

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Over the Christmas holidays the Government announced that it was considering a ‘Dad’s Army’ of volunteers to patrol and monitor our borders. This would appear to be the Government’s solution to cutting the number of Border Force staff and their resources.

I pointed out to the Minister that his own Government report showed in July 2017 that 27 out of 62 small ports had no visit from the Border Force. This left our ports open to illegal activities. No volunteer force will have the skills or resources they need to undertake a job of utmost importance. The Conservatives are failing to see the consequences of austerity and poorly planned policies such as a ‘Dad’s Army’ Border Force.