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Modern slavery is a despicable crime that sees people forced into servitude from around the world. When I was shadow minister at the Home Office I was on the bill committee which debated and amended the Modern Slavery Act through the Commons. It was a welcomed first step, but at the time I was adamant that more could have been done to ensure that greater protections were put into law.

I am currently a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association – an group whereby parliaments from across the Commonwealth can meet and share ideas. We have recently worked with the Home Office to produce a report and guide to help our sister parliaments tackle this horrible crime. I hope that the minister will work with us to ensure that as many countries in the world adopt modern slavery laws.

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On Thursday, I asked the Solicitor-General, Robert Buckland MP, about the European Arrest Warrant.

Many arrests are completed due to the European Arrest Warrant (EAW)streamlining the arrest process. If the Government fails to keep the UK part of the EAW it will be placing us at risk from organised criminals who will see the UK as a safe haven.

I asked the Solicitor-General to work with the Home Office to make sure the EAW remains a useful tool whatever the outcome of Brexit.

I was pleased to hear the Solicitor-General was in broad agreement with me. But as we know with this Government, one Minister stating an approach to Brexit may not necessarily be the collective opinion. I will continue to press on security matters as this is the first role of government.