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Supporting Pancreatic Cancer UK

I joined with Pancreatic Cancer UK for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, which takes place throughout November, to ensure that people in Delyn know of the facts of pancreatic cancer.

At the event in Parliament, I was informed that, sadly, 102 people in North Wales died of pancreatic cancer in 2015 alone and 142 were diagnosed. Shockingly, a ComRes poll carried out by Pancreatic Cancer UK in 2017 found that 35% of adults in the UK would not be worried if they had a few of the potential symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Unless action is taken now, pancreatic cancer will become the 4th biggest cancer killer by 2026.

Key information about pancreatic cancer:

• Less than 7% of people with pancreatic cancer will survive beyond 5 years in the UK.
• Five year survival for pancreatic cancer has improved very little since the early 1970’s.
• One person dies of pancreatic cancer every hour. Around 8,800 people die every year of the disease in the UK.
• 80% of people with pancreatic cancer are not diagnosed until the cancer is at an advanced stage.
• Surgery is the only treatment which could save lives, yet only 8% of people with pancreatic cancer have it.
• Around 9,600 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer per year in the UK. That’s 26 people every day.

Pancreatic Cancer UK is taking on pancreatic cancer through research, support and campaigning to transform the future for people affected.

It was devastating to learn that 102 people in North Wales lost their lives to pancreatic cancer in 2015. I know that the Welsh Assembly is working hard on its Cancer Delivery Plan to address the challenges we face as our growing and aging population will eventually see 1 in 2 of us developing cancer. They need to be given the help and support they need by the UK Government to ensure that we can reduce the deaths from all cancers.

Working with Pancreatic Cancer UK is important as it ensures that MPs have access to the latest information so that we can better scrutinise the Government on its plans. Over the years I have built up a strong working relationship with most of the UKs cancer charities and it helps us to raise awareness of cancer in Delyn.

If anyone would like to learn more about the work of pancreatic cancer and how they can help people with the disease you can visit