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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments

Scotland Questions: Cost of No Deal Brexit

On Wednesday I raised my deep concerns that a no deal Brexit would cost Wales between 7-8% of its GDP. The Secretary of State for Scotland wanted to stress that all the Conservative Party candidates didn’t want a no deal Brexit, but what he failed to mention is that they are all willing to carry one out.

What the MPs standing to be Prime Minister have failed to grasp when they state that they will renegotiate a deal with the EU is that there is no one to negotiate with. Following the elections to the European Union Parliament we are now awaiting the election of a new Commission and President of the European Parliament and Council of Ministers. This does not conclude until November, a full month after the 31 October 2019 extension that has been secured for Article 50.

Bravado from a small group of Conservatives is driving our country towards a devastating outcome. I have made it clear that the deadlock reached because of the time wasted by this UK Government can only be unpicked by a final public vote. This process started with you, the people, and should end with you.