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Re-establishing APPG for Blood Cancer

I was pleased to attend the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blood Cancer on Monday.

Bloodwise looked to set up a new All Party Parliamentary Groupraise awareness and promote the needs of blood cancer patients with parliamentarians, government, NHS, and charity stakeholders, and in June 2016 the new APPG had its first meeting. A year on the group continue to hold meetings and I was there to re-establish the All Party Group.

With more than 230,000 people living with blood cancer in the UK, and Bloodwise feel that public awareness of blood cancer is low and that patients often feel isolated and believe these cancers are seen as ‘separate’ from other cancers. Blood wise will provide secretarial support, and will work together with everyone in the blood cancer community to make sure the voice of blood cancer patients is heard in Westminster.

Through standing up for communities and families who are have family members or are affected themselves by  Blood Cancer, we allow people to speak up and not feel isolated, and know we are here to assist them.”

With one in every twenty-five people suffering from blood cancer in the UK, and it being the fifth most common cancer we must promote awareness for blood cancer, and encourage families to speak out about their problems.

We will continue to work hard and bring everyone together to improve the lives of those who are suffering with blood cancer.