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Delyn MP David Hanson is backing a campaign by the retail Union Usdaw to tackle abuse against shopworkers after a survey found one third of shopworkers are subjected to vicious verbal abuse every month.


The Flintshire MP joined shopworkers in Westminster to sign up to Usdaw’s Freedom from Fear campaign and to remind shoppers that ‘It’s your store – respect it’.


David Hanson said:


“I am shocked that a recent survey by Usdaw shows that over one-third of shopworkers are verbally abused every month in their workplaces where they should be able to work free from mindless abuse.  I was particularly concerned that a quarter of staff suffer abuse weekly, and that one in ten shopworkers are verbally abused on a daily basis.


“Shops are the heart of our communities here in Delyn and I know what an essential service they provide to local residents.  But if we don’t tackle a significant minority of shoppers who believe that it is acceptable to abuse shop staff, then we could lose those local stores as retailers seek to protect their workers.


“I’ve supported a wide range of measures introduced by the Government that could make a real difference to the working lives of retail staff including Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and Acceptable Behaviour Contracts.  Those tough options should be available to tackle persistent offenders which would give shopworkers some much needed protection from a minority of shoppers who think it is acceptable to abuse shop staff”.


John Hannett, Usdaw General Secretary said:


“Our members in Delyn are delighted to have the support of David who has been a consistent supporter of our Freedom from Fear Campaign over the last five years.


“Usdaw has worked hard with retailers to improve in-store security that has helped protect staff but we are urging a minority of shoppers in Delyn who abuse staff to change their behaviour and respect shop workers who are only doing their best to serve their communities.


“Usdaw members need the back-up of their local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership who have tough powers to tackle anti-social behaviour and the support of David Hanson is vital in making sure that retailers can effectively work with their local Partnership”.


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Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed the latest figures, released by UK Trade & Investment, which show that the UK won a record 1,431 investment projects from overseas companies in 2006/7.

The latest figures show a 17 per cent increase helping to create over 36,000 new jobs, and help to safeguard more than 41,000, bringing employment and wealth to every area of the UK. The UK – with its business friendly environment, political and economic stability, world-class creative talent, and strong research and development base – continues to act as a powerful magnet for foreign investors.

Key figures from the report include:

  • Total projects up 17 per cent from 1,220 to 1,431
  • 36,526 new jobs created and a further 41,831 safeguarded, bringing the total number of associated jobs to 78,357
  • 600 of the total were new projects, accounting for 55 per cent of all the new jobs created
  • 334 of the total were expansions by existing investors, accounting for 41 per cent of all the new jobs created
  • 47 per cent increase in headquarters operations, to 223 projects
  • Business services up 122 per cent, to 156 projects; financial services up 32 per cent to 99 projects
  • Software and computer services up 82 per cent to 274 projects
  • Life sciences up 37 per cent to 133 projects
  • Mergers/acquisitions and joint ventures, accounted for 497 of the total number (up by 32 per cent on last year)

David Hanson said:

“This is now the fourth consecutive year that the UK has attracted a record number of investment successes, maintaining its position as the largest recipient of foreign direct investment in Europe and second only to the US world-wide.

“This Government’s determination to help businesses succeed is driving economic progress and has helped get 2.5 million more people in work over the last ten years and drive down unemployment by over 45 per cent in Delyn.

“The success of Airbus here in Flintshire proves that the UK can compete on the international stage, despite increasing competition and the challenges of globalisation.

“Working with the Government and local businesses I want Flintshire to continue to offer a attractive environment for inward investment. On top of this the Government must work with businesses, like Airbus, to ensure they have the investment they need to grow within the UK.”

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Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed the Government’s robust response to the weekend’s terrorist incidents. 


David Hanson said:


“The top priority always has to be the safety of the British public and Ministers right across Government are working together to deliver a package of measures to tackle the terrorist threat.


“Since Friday morning, the Government have held four meetings of COBR, chaired by the Prime Minister and Home Secretary and attended by Ministers from key government departments and the police and intelligence agencies.  The priority has been to coordinate the necessary responses to protect the public.


The police have substantially stepped up protective security measures including:


·        high visibility patrols, including armed response vehicles;


·        increased use of stop and search powers for vehicles and pedestrians;


·        increased physical protection around airport terminal buildings, including tighter controls on access roads and installation of new barriers, in conjunction with airport operators and the Department for Transport.


“This Government has doubled expenditure on counter terrorism since September 2001 and has now started a full consultative review of counter terrorism legislation with a view to a Bill later this year.


“The Home office has been refocused and the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism has been developed. There is also now an established a weekly security board, chaired by the Home Secretary.


“I am delighted that so many community leaders have come out over the last few days to condemn these attacks. These are criminal acts, whose victims come from all walks of life and we need to ensure that their message of hate is rejected within our communities.”

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Delyn MP David Hanson is asking the people of Delyn for their thoughts on whether moving General Elections from a Thursday to the weekend would make them more likely to vote.


David Hanson said:


“The Government is considering measures to make voting more convenient and is examining the case for moving voting to the weekend for both general and potentially local elections.


“Holding general elections on a working weekday puts the UK in a minority among Western democracies as most other European countries hold elections at the weekend or on a public holiday.


“Every general election in England since 1945 has taken place on a Thursday but the only requirement currently is that it must be held on a weekday. Before 1945 elections took place on a variety of days and the last general election to be held at the weekend was in 1918.


“I want to know whether you think moving elections to the weekend would make the system more convenient and potentially raise turnout.”