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Huw Irranca-Davies MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales is to visit Mold on Wednesday 3rd October to meet with local councillors, members of Cittaslow Mold and Labour party members.


The Minister, who was promoted to his position in the Welsh Office earlier this year, will meet with the leader of Flintshire County Council, Aaron Shotton at lunchtime on the day, before meeting with Mold Town Council and Cittaslow Mold members to discuss a number of important issues in the town, including Mold’s Cittaslow status, energy conservation and Mold going carbon neutral.


The Minister will then finish off the afternoon by meeting local Labour party members.


Delyn MP David Hanson said:


“I am delighted that the Minister has accepted my invitation to visit Mold in his capacity as the new Minister at the Welsh Office.


“I know he will be listening to the issues raised with him by the leader of Flintshire County Council, as well as the ideas of Mold Town Council and Cittaslow Mold.


“As Mold continues to build on its recent successes at the Eisteddfod and achieving its Cittaslow status this is an excellent opportunity to promote its interests to an influential Government Minister.”


Geoff Collett, Cittaslow Mold and Mold Town Councillor, will be giving a presentation to the Minister at Mold Town Hall on Cittaslow Mold, followed by Steve Woosey, Manager, North Wales Energy Efficiency Advice Centre on Mold Going Carbon Neutral, and Will Pierce, Energy Manager at Flintshire County Council, on FCC energy conservation.

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Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed a range of tough new powers to tackle alcohol-fuelled disorder, knife and gun crime, including realistic imitation firearms and air weapons. 

The new violent crime measures form part of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 and include:

·        An offence to manufacture, import or sell realistic imitation guns;

·        An offence to sell an imitation gun to a person aged under 18;

·        An offence to modify an imitation gun to make it realistic or convertible into a real firearm;

·        A doubling of the maximum sentence for carrying an imitation gun in public without reasonable excuse, from 6 to 12 months.

·        Air weapons sold only by firearms dealers who are registered by police with all sales taking place face-to-face;

·        Increasing the age limit for buying or possessing an air weapon from 17 to 18. Also, an offence to sell, hire or make a gift of an air weapon to a person under the age of 18;

·        An offence for any person to fire an air weapon beyond the boundary of any premises;

·        An offence to sell a knife to a person aged under 18 (increased from 16).

David Hanson said:

“These new laws, which come into force on Monday, give North Wales Police more powers to tackle some of the most serious forms of crime and send a very strong signal that weapons on our streets will not be tolerated.

“I am pleased that the Government is taking action to prevent young people, who are often amongst the most vulnerable in society, from getting hold of knifes by raising the age from 16 to 18.

“It is important to recognise that gun crime is a problem in a few areas around the country and the Government is focusing its efforts in neighbourhoods within London, Liverpool, Greater Manchester and Birmingham overseen by a new Ministerial Taskforce and a new dedicated national unit, the Tackling Gangs Action Programme Team. These areas account for over half of all firearms offences in England and Wales.

“These new powers are the latest example of how the Government is working to make all communities safer, putting the interests of law-abiding people at the heart of our crime prevention action plans.”

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Delyn MP David Hanson is urging all surviving Bevin Boys to come forward and claim their unique Bevin Boys badge. The award is available to all surviving Bevin Boys and formally recognises the sacrifices made in the UK coalfields during and immediately after World War Two.

The Bevin Boys scheme was introduced in 1943 by then Minister for Labour and National Service, Ernest Bevin, in response to an increasing shortage of labour in the coal mining industry. The scheme ran between 1943 and 1948 and involved recruiting men aged between 18 and 25 years to work in coal mines rather than serve in the armed forces. Some 48,000 men were either selected or volunteered under the scheme.

Of the 48,000 Bevin Boys some 43% were conscripted directly into the mines and are known more generally as “ballotees”. The remaining 57% were those who opted for mine work in preference to joining the Armed Forces or those who were in the Armed Forces and volunteered to become miners. Only those who fall into these categories will be eligible for the Badge.

Famous Bevin Boys included Sir Jimmy Savile, Lord Brian Rix and the late Eric Morecambe.

David Hanson said:

“I am urging all surviving Bevin Boys to come forward to claim this unique veterans badge as a tribute to their sacrifices during and after the Second World War. These heroes in our community helped to keep the coal fields running during the war and in the post-war reconstruction of Britain.

“Hundreds of people in Delyn have come forward to collect their veterans badge and it is with honour and gratitude that we recognise the tremendous work of the Bevin Boys with the award of this special badge.

“It is important that we never forget the sacrifices that were made both at home and abroad during the war. If you are a Bevin Boy, or you know someone who is, please come forward to claim this fitting tribute.

“The application form for the badge is now available and can be obtained by calling the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency helpline on 0800 169 2277 or by visiting Alternatively you can contact my office and i would be delighted to help. If you would like any further informationplease contact my office on 01352 763159, write to 64 Chester Street, Flint, Flintshire CH6 5DH or emailhansond(at)”

All Bevin Boys, be they ballottees, optants or volunteers, are eligible to apply. Applications will also be accepted from widows of Bevin Boys who passed away on or after the 20 June 2007, the date when the announcement of the badge was made. This is provided a copy of the marriage and death certificate are attached to the application form.

The first badges will be issued in March next year, to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the demobbing of the last Bevin Boy.

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Delyn MP David Hanson and Sandy Mewies AM will take part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday 28 September at Llwyn Beuno Community Centre, Holywell.


Organised by Macmillan Cancer Support, individuals and groups up and down the country will host coffee mornings to raise money to help people living with cancer.


Last year the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning raised over £6.7 million to help sufferers. Money raised help Macmillan fund more nurses and health and social care professionals, build more cancer centres, improve access to cancer information and provide more financial help to people living with cancer.


David Hanson said:


“I welcome the work of Macmillan Cancer Support in setting up these coffee mornings and am delighted that the people of Delyn continue to participate in these events.


“I join in with these mornings every year and I know they raise lot of much needed money to help those suffering from cancer.”


Sandy Mewies AM said:


“The event at Llwyn Bueno is always a great success and a pleasure to attend – not least for the home-baked goodies on offer. But its nice to know that we enjoy ourselves we are raising money for this vital service which gives such support for people with cancer and their families”.


To get involved in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, call 0845 602 1246 or