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Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed today’s employment figures that show that the last three months have seen the highest growth in the number of people in work since 1997.  

Figures show that 175,000 more people found a job over the last quarter, swelling the total to a record 29.36 million.

At the same time the independent figures from the Office for National Statistics show the numbers claiming unemployment benefit fell for the 15th consecutive month to 807,700, the lowest it has been for over 30 years.

David Hanson said:

“These figures confirm once again that the UK economy remains strong with more people in work and taking advantage of the opportunities available.

“The Government’s welfare reform programme mean people that could have otherwise been left behind are being given the chance to fulfill their potential through work. Local Employment Partnerships are already proving popular with businesses helping to get long-term benefit claimants back into work.

“It is also encouraging to see people from a range of age groups finding employment. Over the last three months 60,000 more 16-24 year old people found jobs, whilst 95,000 more people over 50 found employment.

“The North Wales economy remains strong and I will continue to fight for local business and investment in the area.”

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Delyn MP David Hanson has backed reforms aimed at giving more support to people who step in to tackle criminals

The reforms are intended to give the public confidence that the law is on their side if they act reasonably in using force, including the fact that;

  • they acted instinctively;
  • they feared for their safety or that of others, and acted based on their perception of the threat faced and the scale of that threat;
  • the level of force used was not excessive or disproportionate in the circumstances as they viewed them.

The law clarifies the existing common law defences and the statutory provisions under the Criminal Law Act 1967.

It will enhance the understanding of when force is ‘reasonable’ as applied in a range of different circumstances, including the householder defending their home and the passer-by intervening in a criminal incident in the street.

David Hanson said:

“These measures will give the public confidence if they are put in the position where they decide to act as good citizens and step in to tackle a criminal.  They are good news for the law-abiding people of Flintshire and demonstrate that the law is on the side of the law-abiding majority.

“The move is part of the Criminal Justice and Immigration bill. It will clarify and reinforce the law of self defence, making clear the state’s responsibility to stand by those acting in good faith when using force in self defence.

“Law abiding citizens should not be put off tackling criminals by fear of excessive investigation. The law should be seen as supporting them right from the start.

“In the case of a passer-by witnessing a crime in the street for example, or a householder faced with a burglar in his home, we are reassuring them that if they intervene and necessarily use force which is not excessive or disproportionate, the law really is behind them.”

He added:

“It is important that the public and officials on the frontline dealing with self defence incidents understand how the current law should work in practice – this amendment builds on a strong body of case law to strengthen and broaden this understanding.”


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Delyn MP David Hanson has opened the Northop Hall Kickback Wall as the first stage has now been completed.

The Northop Hall Kickback Wall is a multi-sport play area located on purpose built tarmac pitch. It is comprised of a recessed goal and a basket/netball hoop to facilitate informal games played by individual children or groups. The Kickback Wall is been built thanks to the efforts of the Northop Hall Community Pavilion Association, which manages the Northop Hall community centre and sports pitches.


A need was identified by Northop Hall Community Council for somewhere for young people to play informal ball games away from residential areas to avoid disturbance to village residents. The Kickback Wall is located at the village community centre which has existing sporting and leisure facilities. Project management, including the securing of planning permission has been successfully undertaken by the Leisure Services Department of Flintshire County Council.

The Committee have formulated a long term plan to expand the Kickback Wall facility so that eventually “end to end” games can be played on a larger

Glenys Jones, Chair of Northop Hall Community Council said:

“The project was conceived through consultation by Northop Hall Community Council with youth and community groups including representatives from the local police. It is a fine example of local groups working together in partnership to achieve real benefits for their community.

“Northop Hall Community Council has donated £4,000 to the protect and

fundraising efforts by the Northop Hall Pavilion Management Committee have secured a further £11,000 of funding from the Hanson Environment Fund, Flintshire County Council, Northop Hall Youth Club and Warwick International.”

Andrew Bailey, Chairman of the Northop Hall Pavilion Committee said:

“There are approximately 250 young people living in the village who are between 10 and 19 years of age who now have access to this important facility. It will provide real benefits to young people in the community and viewed in a wider context, it has enhanced the viability of the Northop Hall Community Pavilion by making it a more attractive venue for children’s parties and events.”

David Hanson said:

“It is an honour to open this new facility and meet with the coordinators of this important project. I want to congratulate the committee on the hard work it has put in, in moving this innovative project forward.

“This Kickback Wall will give the young people of Northop Hall, and the nearby villages, a much-needed area to meet and play and I want to give it my full backing.”


The Northop Hall Pavilion Management Committee have produced publicity leaflets for distribution in the village to promote the facilities at the centre including free public use of the Kickback Wall. A brief video has also been produced and published on Youtube to promote the Centre

From Left to Right:

Mrs Glenis Jones (Chairman of  Northop Hall Community Council)

Mr Ray Morris (Unit Manager Hanson)

Mr Andrew Bailey (Chairman, Northop Hall Community Pavilion)

Mrs Claire Cromey (Secretary, Northop Hall Community Pavilion)

Mr David Hanson MP

Others- Members of Nothop Hall Youth Club.

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Delyn MP David Hanson will this Friday (11th December) visit Allbrite UK in Mold to learn more about its eco-friendly, low energy usage showroom.

The kitchen and flooring high street shop is using a number of low carbon low energy usage methods to help maintain the premises. These include a “green” roof which, amongst other things, helps to harvest rainwater, absorbs Carbon Dioxide and produces Oxygen.  Water is heated by a flat plate solar panel and electricity in the store is provided by solar photovoltaic cells.


David Hanson said:

“Having met with management last year I was keen to come and learn more about the type of energy saving measures that had been implemented at the showroom.

“Sustainability is central to the way we live and do business and I want to do what I can to promote and support Allbrite UK’s initiatives.”


Notes to editors: Press and Photographers are invited to join David Hanson MP at Allbrite UK, 30 Chester Street, Mold on Friday 11th January at 10.30am.