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Delyn MP David Hanson attended the grand opening of a new B&B in Halkyn.

Hendy Teg is a new B&B establishment with four bedrooms three double and one twin. The B&B is set in the beautiful rural countryside in Halkyn in Flintshire North Wales an ideal location for walking in the Welsh hills.

The owners Sandy and Don have created a warm and friendly atmosphere with delicious home made food which can be eaten in their welcoming tearoom which is open all day.

David Hanson said:

“It was a pleasure to open the new B&B. Halkyn really is a fantastic place for a getaway holiday or weekend break and I would encourage people to get out there and make the most of the Flintshire countryside.

“I want to wish Sandy and Don every success in their new venture.” 

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Delyn MP David Hanson has backed the new Serious Crime Act to help tackle serious organised crime.


The new Act provides police with strong powers to crack down on serious crime and will help deliver the Government’s strategy to tackle serious organised crime and target the behaviour of those who profit from damage to our communities.


Through new civil Serious Crime Prevention Orders, individuals or organisations will have conditions imposed on them to prevent illegal activity, such as being prohibited from associating with known criminals. There will be a new power for the police to stop and search for offensive weapons without requiring reasonable suspicion in a locality, for a limited period of time, where a serious violent incident has taken place. The Act also provides measures to allow greater information sharing between public and private sectors for the prevention and detection of fraud.
David Hanson said:

“I want to ensure that the police have the powers at their disposal to tackle serious crime and the Government is determined to do everything possible to prevent it, detect it and to make sure that criminals do not benefit from it.

“The new Serious Crime Prevention Orders will allow the courts to put restrictions  on those proved to be involved in serious crime and prevent them operating.

“These measures have been introduced to tackle serious criminals by disrupting their operations and ensuring they do not benefit from the harm they cause to the public. They will also ensure those more loosely connected with serious criminal groups cannot avoid prosecution.”

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Delyn MP David Hanson and Sandy Mewies AM have welcomed the success of this year’s Mold Food and Drink Festival and are backing the town to go from strength to strength.

Once again Mold Food and Drink Festival proved to be a great success amongst visitors and locals. The Festival, which was set up last year, attracted over 11,000 people, a three fold increase on 2006.

The Festival gave visitors an opportunity to take advantage of the wide range of local produce available, including meat, fish, vegetables and cheeses. Local performers took to the stage to entertain the hoards whilst celebrity and local chefs gave cookery demonstrations in the packed exhibition hall.

David Hanson said:

“I was pleased to go to the opening of Mold Food and Drink Festival and to support the local businesses, the Town and County Councils and many volunteers who made this Festival such a success.

“I particularly want to pay tribute to the organisers, Mold Hotel and Restaurant Association, who worked tirelessly, on a voluntary basis, to make this event the success it undoubtedly was. There were also a large number of volunteers that gave up their time over the weekend and their contribution needs to be recognised.

“Mold continues to go from strength to strength with the success of this year’s Eisteddfod and becoming the first town in Wales to gain Cittaslow status. As ever I continue to be wholly supportive of local business and always welcome the opportunity to promote local initiatives that help boost the economy and improve the quality of life for people in Delyn.”

Sandy Mewies AM

“This is a wonderful event which is proving to be a great success for local people and visitors alike”

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Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed the second annual Child Trust Fund (CTF) statistical report that shows that 2,206 children in Delyn have received £250 to start saving for their future.


The report shows that three quarters of parents have already set up their child’s account and a quarter of children have had additional money saved into their accounts. In Delyn over 2,000 parents and guardians are already topping up their children’s savings.


David Hanson said


“The Government is helping children save for their future through the Child Trust Fund – £250 for children at birth, and an additional £250 at age 7.”


“Already 2,004 parents in Delyn are topping up the government investment.  Every contribution helps build real savings for children to invest in their aspirations when they reach 18 and I hope that all parents, grandparents, friends and family will contribute if they possibly can.”


The CTF was introduced for all children born in the UK on or after 1 September 2002, with a £250 voucher from the Government to start off each child’s account, and a further £250 paid into the account at age 7. Children from lower-income households receive an extra £250 top-up at birth and at age 7.


The latest figures show that for vouchers issued to 15 September 2007, a total of 3.02 million accounts were opened: 2.36 million by the parents themselves and the remainder opened by HMRC on behalf of eligible children. HMRC are targeting marketing at areas that have shown low take-up and are furthering their work with voluntary and community organisations to reach parents who are less financially confident.