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Delyn MP David Hanson is backing Flint-based manufacturers Kimberly-Clark in its bid for better waste paper collection and recycling in Flintshire.


David Hanson MP met with the team at the Aber Park site on Friday (June 20) to hear concerns over key business matters including the rising costs involved in obtaining the waste paper Kimberly-Clark uses in its products and spiraling energy costs.

Mr Hanson was told how the cost of recovered paper for the Flint site will reach about £8 million this year, and how the price for just one of the mills on site, Coleshill mill, had risen by 73 per cent since 2006.

In a bid to combat the costs, Kimberly-Clark is looking to join forces with Paperback Recycling Limited in Deeside to improve access to quality office recovered paper, and reduce that which would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Kimberly-Clark’s Recovered Paper Buyer Tony Waring said: “The UK now exports 54 per cent of all its recovered paper, of which nearly half goes to China, meaning the cost is going up and up.

“We are committed to using recovered waste and diverting as much waste from landfill as possible, but the costs and availability are having a huge impact on us here in Flint.

“We welcome the support from our local MP David Hanson, and are working with the Welsh Assembly, to help us improve access to quality office recovered paper. The project would involve us working with Paperback Recycling Limited – who would target office paper collections in the Flintshire and Deeside area.

“The project will divert about 700 tonnes of office paper each year from landfill to be delivered exclusively to Flint to be used in Kimberly-Clark products.”

Rising energy costs were also on the agenda, as Mr Hanson was told how the spiraling bills were offsetting the huge efforts being made to improve energy efficiency at the Flint plant.

Kimberly-Clark has made huge strides in the past few years towards improving energy efficiency at Flint, and is continuing to build on these achievements.

But despite the efforts, energy bills for the company are soaring.

Kimberly-Clark’s Flint Site Manager Malcolm Wright said: “We have reduced energy use by seven per cent on last year, and cut water usage by eight per cent, yet our energy bills will rise by £3 million in 2008.

“This is going to have a profound effect on British manufacturing, and it is something we want to highlight.”

Management at the Mill also took the opportunity to highlight continuing work on sustainability and environmental management including some significant past achievements.  The Mill is particularly proud of being the first mill in Europe to receive the Forest Stewardship Council recycled accreditation in November last year.

Community achievements were also on the agenda, including the recent charity golf day. The event, now in its eighth year, was organised by the Flint site’s Employees in the Community group, and raised £3,500 for Nightingale House Hospice and CHICS North Wales and West Cheshire.

After listening to the concerns raised and following a tour of the site, Mr Hanson said: “At a recent meeting with representatives from Kimberly-Clark in London I was made fully aware of the issues concerning paper recycling in Flintshire and very much welcomed the opportunity to meet with staff at the Aber Park site in Flint.

“I have made it clear that I support Kimberly-Clark’s initiatives and had previously made representation to Government Ministers on their behalf. I will continue to work closely with Kimberly-Clark and promote their interests.”



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Background information for editors

Kimberly-Clark Europe is part of Kimberly-Clark Corporation whose well-known brands are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 150 countries.  Every day, one in four people around the world trust K-C’s brands to enhance their health, hygiene and well-being — brands such as ANDREXâ, HAKLEâ, SCOTTEXâand PAGEâ bathroom tissue, KLEENEXâ facial tissue, HUGGIESâ infant and child care products, KOTEXâ feminine care products and POISEâ adult care products.  With nearly 53,000 employees worldwide, K-C is also a recognized constituent of the Financial Times Stock Exchange Index for Good (FTSE4Good) and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index which recognizes the company’s work towards environmental sustainability, developing positive relationships with stakeholders and upholding and supporting universal human rights.  To keep up with the latest K-C news and to learn more about the company’s 136-year history of innovation, visit

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Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed a new blueprint to help create 160,000 jobs in the green energy sector.

The national renewable energy blueprint has been designed to slash carbon emissions dramatically, reduce the UK’s dependency on oil and gas and claim a valuable share of global green business opportunity.

The proposals will help the UK to meet its proposed 15% renewable energy target by 2020, an increase of 1,000% on current levels. This is likely to include up to a third of electricity coming from renewables as well as significant increases in the use of renewable forms of heat and transport fuels.

The Renewable Energy Strategy consultation published today builds on existing measures, and includes proposals for extending and raising the level of the Renewables Obligation to encourage 30-35% of our electricity to come from renewable sources by 2020 and exploiting the full potential of energy from waste by considering further restrictions on landfilling biomass, as far as is practical;

It is estimated that the expansion in renewable energy implied by the 15% target could achieve carbon savings of around 20 million tonnes of CO2 in 2020 (representing a cumulative CO2 saving of up to 900 MtCO2 between now and 2030). It would also help security of energy supply and reduce gas imports by between 12-16% in 2020 – with increasing benefits as these become more scarce and expensive. At the same time, there will be a need for significant investment in non-renewable back-up generation given the largely intermittent nature of renewable generation.

There would also be significant business opportunities – there may be in the order of 160,000 jobs created in the UK and beyond

David Hanson said:

“I very much welcome this blueprint which will move us away from being a carbon intensive economy to a more sustainable economy built around more renewable energy sources.

“There will also be a number of employment opportunities as we invest in the new low carbon technologies which will be crucial in tackling climate change.

“There will now be a consultation on the Renewable Energy Strategy and I would like to get your views. For me information of the consultation please get in touch.”


Write to David Hanson MP, House of Commons, London SW1A OAA, email:hansond(at) or phone: 01352 763159.

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Delyn MP David Hanson is calling on constituents to give their views on whether elections should be moved to weekends. A consultation has been launched by the Government as part of efforts to boost engagement.

Scrapping the traditional Thursday vote is one option under consideration as part of the Government’s programme of constitutional renewal, which seeks to forge a new relationship between the citizen and the state.

The consultation debates moving the day of elections for general, local and European elections from Thursdays to the weekend and considers:

* whether changing election day to the weekend, and other measures to increase convenience, encourage non-voters to vote

* the practical issues, including the cost, of a move to weekend voting

* religious concerns

* whether the change of day would affect the security of elections

* the relationship between postal and online voting and turnout

* whether other ways of voting (e.g. remote, postal, internet and advance voting) are acceptable where weekend voting is difficult for religious or other reasons

* the benefits and drawbacks of online voting

* other ways of increasing the legitimacy of elections.

The election day consultation will run for 12 weeks. Responses will lead to a citizens’ summit later this year, at which people will be invited to consider the issue and make a recommendation to the Government on whether election day should be moved. The Government will then consider the summit’s recommendation along with the evidence gathered from the written consultation.

David Hanson said:

“I would welcome feedback on this proposal. We all want to see a greater turnout at elections and this is just one of a number of proposals being considered to help boost participation.

“I will feed people’s comments into the consultation. Please contact me in the usual ways. Write to David Hanson MP, House of Commons, London SW1A OAA, email:hansond(at) or phone: 01352 763159.”


1. The election day consultation paper can be seen at:

2. The Written Ministerial Statement can be seen at:

3. The Governance of Britain Green Paper, published in July 2007, can be seen at:

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Local MP David Hanson, several local councillors and the residents of Abbey Court, Greenfield enjoyed a summer tea party hosted by Bramall Construction Ltd and Flintshire County Council.  The tea party had been organised to celebrate the end of the renovations, which involved external refurbishment works to 42 households.

The residents of Abbey Court kindly gave up their communal room “The Meeting Place” for the duration of the project, which the Bramall team used as a site office.  As a thank you, Bramall have presented the residents with a donation to help with their planned refurbishment of the room.

Councillor Sheena Wallbanks, resident of Abbey Court said ‘At last the tired Abbey Court has had its well deserved facelift and everyone here has now got their pride back. Thanks to everyone concerned with the works, we are all over the moon.  A big thank you to John Rees Williams (Bramall Site Manager) and the site team for all their hard work – they were a delight to have here and we will miss them.’

Bramall Site Manager John Rees Williams said, “I would like to thank all the residents for their total co-operation in the successful early completion of this project.”

Councillor Helen Yale, Flintshire County Council’s Executive member for Estate Management said: “Flintshire County Council has invested £400,000 in this scheme to re-furbish Abbey Court and we are pleased the tenants are very satisfied with the end result which has seen major component replacement including, re-roofing, replacing windows, repairing and re-furbishing the garages and other environmental improvements.  The overall transformation is quite amazing and it has lifted the area adding value and a sense of pride within the community”

David Hanson MP for Delyn said:

“This refurbishment is extremely welcome and credit must go to those that have worked so hard to make it happen. Having campaigned for these changes on behalf of local residents I know that will make a real difference to people living in Abbey Court.”